Nuluv Lt Green Sleeping Bag 100 % Organic Cotton with Antimicrobial Finish


About The Item

Available in lovely and beautiful colors. Works up a good lather while cleaning; easy in cleaning the tender crevices in your new-born's delicate and soft skin. Poplin organic cotton is naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, safe from germ and dust and also allergen-proof. Diaper changing ma/ Bed with Mosquito net/ Sleeping Bag are made from durable and antibacterial Organic cotton. Perfect for a new born boy or girl.

Key Features


  • PREMIUM 100% ORGANIC QUALITY COTTON. "These Diaper changing ma/ Bed with Mosquito net/ Sleeping Bag are made from 100% COTTON which are  durable, eco-friendly and antibacterial. This product is perfect for a new born boy or girl's soft skin".

      About the Brand

      Celebrate your new-born with Nuluv. Love just got easier and cosier with precise products, charming colors, tender fabrics, and delightful designs. Like the wholeness of mother’s love, our product lines are designed to caress and pamper your little angel from his/her birth till the age of two. We have concocted soft and loving fabrics and indulged in the latest international trends with kid friendly accessories and soothing colors with nimble designs. And while we have your back, your munchkin and you can revel in admirations and adulations of friends and family galore.


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