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To know this, we need to take you a little back in time. Moiz started his family in (Year) and Rahul in (Year), being hands-on fathers, they shared every concern that their wives had for the new-born babies. The two households struggled to find products that assured them of being free from harmful chemicals and be as natural as possible. Endless hours of research went into finding the right products but it only induced paranoia. After losing a considerable amount of joy upon finding out that most companies use harmful and even banned chemicals in their products. One thing led to another and one evening our two Dads discussed the idea of a natural, organic line of products for babies that parents can trust.   

Ahem. In the not so recent past when this idea took shape for the very first time it was quite outlandish indeed and so was the fact that fathers were so involved in child care. But thanks to conversation they had that one summer evening that got the ball rolling. After a lot more research and waiting for the right moment, it finally happened and Nuluv is born in 2022.  

They nurtured the core idea of building a conscious brand that keeps the wellness of toddlers as its top priority. Nuluv was made so that parents today do not have to do endless hours of research to find a baby friendly product. At the same time the health of the planet played an important role in their business plan. From the product to its packaging, it has been kept as planet friendly as one could.  

‘If we had Nuluv when we started our respective families, I can promise you we would easily be looking 5 years younger than we do now’, Rahul.  

‘Nuluv has come from a very special place. I am proud, not just to have a start-up but to do my bit for all the hands-on fathers and mothers like me’, Moiz.


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